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Graff Taps & Showers - Available at Bathrooms at Source

Graff Taps & Showers

If you’re looking for an improvement to your bathroom or a brand new one entirely, with unique designs, adherence to the highest engineering and environmental standards, the most competitive prices you’ll find and truly fine quality all round, then as brands go, Graff Taps & Showers may be your ideal choice.

As a brand, they are focused on a somewhat avant-garde approach to manufacturing, with unusually cutting edge fixtures for bathrooms and also kitchens, highly creative and clever in design.

They also offer a wide number of different ranges, including Ametis, Sento, Luna, Phase, Terra, Immersion, Qubic, Qubic tre, Me, M.E. 25, Java, Tranquility, Finezza, Bali, Lauren, Oscar, Conical, Perfeque, Manhattan, Infinity, Bollero, Vista, Retro, Structure, Sade, Solar, Aqua-Sense, Tuscany, Duxbury, and many more.

Essentially, if you are looking for unique, often avant-garde products and ranges which push the boundaries of contemporary bathroom and kitchen design in a unique manner, along with the best environmental and engineering standards and top quality, Graff is the brand for you.

Why come to Bathrooms At Source for Graff Taps & Showers?

Our approach as a business has always been around quality of customer service, combining almost twenty years of experience in the industry with a dedicated, hardworking staff all loyal to the business, all experts in their own respective fields.

The bathroom trade has changed much over the last twenty years, but that’s why we have continually stayed on the cutting edge of trends - we’ll never compromise on quality or ability. Knowing we are best able to help all our clients is what makes us happy.

And in closing, as a family run and owned business, we know how much it means to provide for all aspects of our clients’ varying needs, from installation to advice to a full evaluation of what you require for your new bathroom. So come to us - you won’t regret it.