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Vado Taps, Showers & Accessories - Available at Bathrooms at Source

Vado Taps, Showers & Accessories

If you’re searching for a brand which offers bathroom products that are innovative, interesting, versatile and quality assured, Vado taps may be perfect for your new bathroom.

They offer a wide range of differing designs, from shower valves, various accessories and traditional mixers to waterfall spouts and other more unusual, modern stylings for bathrooms.

When it comes to innovation, Vado taps are highly focused; this is such an important element of their brand that they even have a team specifically dedicated to the development of products and ranges tailored to the requirements to specific clients, often based around the minimisation of any environmental damage.

Their variety of different brand ranges is also vast, and includes Shower Valves, Synergie, Altitude, Notion, Soho, Origins, GEO, TE, Life, Sense, Zoo, Phase, Photon, Ion, Ascent, Elements, Mini Basin Mixers, Air, Electric Showers, Victoriana, Kensington, I-Tech, Wentworth, Accessories and Spa.

Why come to Bathrooms at Source when purchasing Vado Taps?

As a company, we’ve always placed expertise in all aspects of the bathroom trade, excellent customer service and highly competitive prices for the different services we provide as the best ways we can help all our customers to have the best bathrooms available. Our business is family run and owned, and this sense of community is something we also extends to all our clientele; you’ll find our staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful at all times.

We’ve worked in the bathroom trade for nearly twenty years, which has given us enough experience to share with all our customers; giving them the best quality of service available is something we’ve done for a very long time, but we keep refining based on each new customer we’ve been able to leave satisfied and fulfilled.

Finally, all of our staff are experts at what they do, and the range of services we can therefore offer to our customers is large; whether you need advice on bathroom design, a full evaluation of your current situation or a complete installation of a new bathroom to your home, we can provide all of the above at extremely competitive prices.

So come to us for your new bathroom - it’s not a decision you’ll regret.

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